We are convinced that the commitment to a responsible use of raw materials involves the control of the whole supply chain as well as of direct production activities.

That is why we work with the goal of supplying 100% of raw materials from suppliers who are certified and compliant with Bolton Group's sustainability policies in order to ensure the quality, safety and traceability of our products.

Raw materials

We strive to ensure the responsible and sustainable supply of raw materials for our products; consequently, we adopt specific supply policies for each product category in which we operate.

Raw materials, by type (tons)

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Aware of our impact on food production, we have developed a sustainable supply policy for the main raw materials in the fish and meat supply chains

We are committed to sustainable fishing. In particular, we diversify fishing areas, fishing methods and the species caught in order to guarantee the respect of the balance of the marine ecosystem. Moreover, we give our full support to the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) certification program, which certifies that a fishing area is managed sustainably.

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Our meat supply policy is shared with all our suppliers worldwide in order to guarantee the respect of animal welfare standards along the supply chain; the policy foresees the adoption of practices and technologies for the management of soil and water to prevent deforestation. Periodic policy compliance audits are put in place.

We are committed to using natural and biodegradable ingredients in our personal and home care products.

We adopt the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) methodology as a tool to analyze the impact of our products in order to identify and define areas of improvement throughout the supply chain.


We strive to optimize and reduce the environmental impact of our packaging by continuously increasing the use of renewable and recycled materials.

About 43% of the total amount of materials we use for our packaging comes from recycled or  renewable sources. In line with the directives of the European Community, our goal for our packaging is to use: 

  • PLASTIC: 25% recycled plastic (PET)
  • METAL: reduction of 15% of GHG emissions thanks to the increasing use of recycled metal and the reduction of our metal packaging thickness
  • PAPER: 100% recycled paper or paper from certifed forests that are managed responsibly

We are also committed to researching and developing formats that reduce the environmental impact of our packaging.

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